So lately Ganterants has fallen behind on game updates including ones for Pokemon Magnagate and Infinite Labyrinth Version. Those are both spelt wrong I know, so just to catch up a but, Both games have a special animated commercial. They both consist of spoilers to which would happen in the game. Such as a appearance for Kyurem again. The release of the games in november will conclude the year of Kyurem, to which was made up by a fan earlier on. The year of Kyurem includes almost a entire of year of Kyurem. But it wasn't only the year of Kyurem it was also the year of form changes. Nintendo originally released several new forms for pokemon including, Kyurem, Tornadus, Thunderus, Landrous and lastly Keldeo. These new forms brought a new meaning to form changing along with several new items in game as well. Also this month coming is, Pokedex 3D Pro which includes a major, major new addition to the pokedex 3D way's. This will cost 14.99 on the Nintendo eShop, it's extremely high price just for a pokedex. But it's useful and can help when you need to know something about a pokemon of which you don't know much about. This can also help a small bit with competitive battling, not only will it provide information it will also include 649 pokemon. Meaning the file will take up a bunch of space once downloaded. It is unknown what pokemon come with the pokedex 3D Pro just yet but info will be provided the date it comes out.
So yeah we are a bit later (3 days late) But The Release for Pokemon Black Version 2 and White Version 2 are here. If you need information visit our Sponsor ( on how to find something or even just see how cool their website is. But the European Release is coming soon. This thursday others in the world will receive this game. 

The Highlight of today. has officially announced the release of the special Pikachu Edition 3DS XL in Europe. If you live in Europe and want a special Pikachu edition 3DS XL then go pick it up when it comes out! Thanks to a extremely concerned group of citizens known as Operation Pika on Facebook they have persuaded Nintendo to let Europeans get this 3DS first. No news on the American release of this special 3DS XL.
The first pictures for the new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game were revealed along with a trailer a few day's later. Sense we are not updating often we are going to catch up on this post here. 
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Magnagate & The Infinite Labyrinth. The main town in this game is called Post Town, and the game features many of the old mechanics, including four moves, tiles that boost stats and more. These screenshots have all been added to our special pre-release screenshot gallery so click the image to go there which is being continually updated. Also of note is that you don't get a quiz to pick your Pokémon, it is done via a view through the 3DS camera of the player. Exact requirements aren't known 

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Magnagate & The Infinite Labyrinth 

Another new area localisation for Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 has been revealed. This localisation is the final city that has yet to be revealed. This city is Seigaiha City and is where the Gym Leader Marlon dwells. In the English games, this area will be known Humilau City

The official site has announced that the new movie is to air in the United States on Cartoon Network on December 8th. This movie, titled Kyurem VS The Sacred Swordsman Keldeo in Japan is to be called Kyurem VS The Sword of Justice. It features Black Kyurem, White Kyurem and Keldeo in both of its forms.