I made a note the other day it's you can't use this website on mac/apple computers because it will be super slow :/ I also found this thing online it's my little pony lol. I have decided to go ahead and make a minecraft server for the website :3 I like minecraft andI think recording will start soon. I found out a way so me and my brother can play together. I was going o record our episodes with him. We are going to show mods, play on servers, make our own worlds, and of course, be ponies. There is this mode called Mine Little Pony,  I recommend you guys take a look at it. It's really cool. As you can see I am typing this on a Mac computer so the website is being REALLY SLOW!!!!


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    Welcome to the website!  Hope you enjoy our day by day updates. Included here is several games in progress and a bunch more. 2 admins run this site and we all work together to get in as much stuff as possible.


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