Call of Cutie: Modern Warmare is the first installment of the main series, and is being developed by Infinity Ward. It is the first game in the series and is to be set in the year 2010 and will be the first of the series to receive a Teen rating. The game will be released for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on November 7, 2013. Download and retail versions for Mac OS X were released by Aspyr in September 2013. 





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So as I recently noticed our old content background was terrible to use. I was forced to change it back and I am thinking of a new background for now. I also have noticed a bunch of increases in views. For some more news I also have added in new forums, these forums show the passion that a page holds for one small thing, United Equestria is welcome from now until some time later on. It shall be a small bit of which Ganterants Games will be holding for a short period of time. Saturday Ganterants is holding a special video chat night, this video chat night is for the release of MLP: FiM, Season 3. This will have several of the admins from, United Equestria including me, Lilligant. So make sure to join us in a wonderful night.


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