Pokemon updates have been seriously slow. I can't access Serebii.net from school (Gonna check that out) So updates will be slower D: Sorry guys or for anyone that really even looks here. The website may or may not be shut down. I am still deciding on it. In need of a shorter better name for the website.  Need to get well known yet there is a chance we may never get known. I am probably going to take out the two admins we have here and get new ones later. For now they will not be taken out. Until Nov 26 they may stay admins once November 26 2012 comes say good by to 1 admin the other might stay due to him being a sponsor for the website. For now Lilligant Signing off :)

The new Professor is here everyone! This is Prof.Magnolia. She will be the new Professor of the game she will help you through out the game. There might be a possible game Demo tonight for everyone to play. Depending on how far I edit and add stuff. I still have to catch up on my trainers. Only 1 area behind also need to add in wild Pokémon battles. I am also planning on making a new Title screen soon. Magnolia will be able to be battled in game. She will be the second strongest trainer in game.



    Welcome to the website!  Hope you enjoy our day by day updates. Included here is several games in progress and a bunch more. 2 admins run this site and we all work together to get in as much stuff as possible.


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