Call of Cutie: Modern Warmare is the first installment of the main series, and is being developed by Infinity Ward. It is the first game in the series and is to be set in the year 2010 and will be the first of the series to receive a Teen rating. The game will be released for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on November 7, 2013. Download and retail versions for Mac OS X were released by Aspyr in September 2013. 





Hey everyone, if you are true gamer than you will want to check out our survey. This is well planned and designed to test your knowledge. So take it now!
So as I recently noticed our old content background was terrible to use. I was forced to change it back and I am thinking of a new background for now. I also have noticed a bunch of increases in views. For some more news I also have added in new forums, these forums show the passion that a page holds for one small thing, United Equestria is welcome from now until some time later on. It shall be a small bit of which Ganterants Games will be holding for a short period of time. Saturday Ganterants is holding a special video chat night, this video chat night is for the release of MLP: FiM, Season 3. This will have several of the admins from, United Equestria including me, Lilligant. So make sure to join us in a wonderful night.


I made a note the other day it's you can't use this website on mac/apple computers because it will be super slow :/ I also found this thing online it's my little pony lol. I have decided to go ahead and make a minecraft server for the website :3 I like minecraft andI think recording will start soon. I found out a way so me and my brother can play together. I was going o record our episodes with him. We are going to show mods, play on servers, make our own worlds, and of course, be ponies. There is this mode called Mine Little Pony,  I recommend you guys take a look at it. It's really cool. As you can see I am typing this on a Mac computer so the website is being REALLY SLOW!!!!
We changed our name again ._. But no worries Ganterants Games does a bit more than what you would expect. We do all sorts of games. Such as Portal, Portal 2, Pokemon, Happy Wheels, Slender we make movesets for competitive battling in Pokemon Black or White 2. Go back to the old times and take a look back at Pokemon Yellow! Watch TehRaquaza2094 unbox new card packs! We also play COD black ops (With Zombies), COD MW3, Minecraft..Soon,MW2! Memes will be posted! So join us.
Sadly enough I have almost completed B/W2 only 3 days after the release! It's amazing! I hope everyone loves B/W2 and any other games in the series. Grr I want to spoil it but I don't want to ruin it for all of you guys! Have fun playing. For now Bye!
Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 coming to the U.S.A soon! I am excited :D The game release will contain spoilers on this website. Showing that I want to do our own information base upon the game. SO that means my game production will slow down :C But it will be continued once both games are complete. If you don't li
Pokemon updates have been seriously slow. I can't access Serebii.net from school (Gonna check that out) So updates will be slower D: Sorry guys or for anyone that really even looks here. The website may or may not be shut down. I am still deciding on it. In need of a shorter better name for the website.  Need to get well known yet there is a chance we may never get known. I am probably going to take out the two admins we have here and get new ones later. For now they will not be taken out. Until Nov 26 they may stay admins once November 26 2012 comes say good by to 1 admin the other might stay due to him being a sponsor for the website. For now Lilligant Signing off :)

The new Professor is here everyone! This is Prof.Magnolia. She will be the new Professor of the game she will help you through out the game. There might be a possible game Demo tonight for everyone to play. Depending on how far I edit and add stuff. I still have to catch up on my trainers. Only 1 area behind also need to add in wild Pokémon battles. I am also planning on making a new Title screen soon. Magnolia will be able to be battled in game. She will be the second strongest trainer in game.



    Welcome to the website!  Hope you enjoy our day by day updates. Included here is several games in progress and a bunch more. 2 admins run this site and we all work together to get in as much stuff as possible.


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